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Ken Siew

CEO of 302 House Buyers

Hello there! Don’t be thrown off by my job title. I didn’t have an easy start. My parents worked hard in a steel factory, and we didn’t have much money.

At 25, I decided to step into the world of real estate investing in 2011. Like most beginners, I was scared and unsure. But I was eager to learn, so I soaked up all the information I could from books, courses, and people who knew the business.

Once, I bought a house to rent out in Michigan, far from where I lived. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. The person renting it didn’t take care of it, and I had to sell it quickly, which taught me a lot.

I’ve faced many challenges and know the stress and worries that come with managing properties, especially when you’re also working a full-time job and handling your bills. That’s why I set up 302 House Buyers – to assist homeowners like you in selling your homes smoothly, solving your problems, and helping you move forward in life.

Over 12 years, I’ve gained a lot of experience, buying many homes and refining how I do business. Now, our company buys about 5-10 homes each month in the New Castle County, Delaware area.


Our Mission

Our core mission remains: to work hard, assist others in feeling secure and happy, and provide help to homeowners like you. We are here to help you tackle problems, sell your house, and reach your goals faster.

We’re here for anyone looking for a brighter future and wanting to live a fulfilling life. Feel free to call me at 302-329-8899. We’re looking forward to meeting you in person!

Our Team

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